Save Time and Money

  • No BI development projects
  • Full solution in hours, not months
  • Every personalized dashboard available in minutes
  • Support for ALL major visualization tools, including Excel
  • Support for ALL data source types: Structured, Unstructured and Big Data
  • Historical, real-time and predictive analytics

High Quality and Low Risk

Our solutions are implemented using an incremental and iterative approach that quickly shows end results. This early and frequent delivery model helps reduce scope creep, unexpected costs, or unacceptable quality levels of the finished solution. It also rapidly shows value and aligns IT with the Business, improving the chances of acceptance by orders of magnitude.

The fact that our products are fully integrated also reduces quality and technology risks resulting from integration and interoperability of multiple separate components. The elimination of many design and development steps reduces project risks resulting from increased work complexity and often inadequate staff skill sets.

ExecAnalyzr™: Executive Business Analytics On-Demand System

ExecAnalyzr™ is a unique pre-packaged physical or virtual system (appliance) embedding a fully integrated, automated, open and ready-to-use enterprise-class Executive Analytics solution. ExecAnalyzr™ unifies Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management in a single easy-to-use solution designed specifically for easy and rapid delivery of management dashboards and scorecards across the organization.

Designed for Business Analysts

ExecAnalyzr represents a ready-to-use system that Business or Data Analysts simply configure once and practically forget—waiving the need to spend time and money on initial and recurring Business Intelligence development and maintenance projects.

The GUI-based ExecAnalyzr configuration process is simple, fast, incremental and iterative by nature. As requirements are elaborated, data can be identified and located. Once the first results are verified, the cycle continues to add more until all perspectives to be analyzed are covered. Clients can proceed incrementally and frequently obtain concrete results. No special skills required.

All data source access is read-only and the extraction process is non-intrusive. There is no risk of interrupting normal operations and compliance with operating standards in effect is guaranteed.

A True Enterprise-Class Solution

ExecAnalyzr creates a governed enterprise semantic model in a private cloud or a shared IT infrastructure, i.e. a centralized repository that can be consistently and securely used by one or more organizational functions to obtain multiple coherent personalized management dashboards on-demand, and without specialized technical intervention.

ExecAnalyzr enables on-demand enterprise analytics for one, many or all business perspectives with true Free-Service BI dashboards and scorecards for all users, in the office and on the go.

ExecAnalyzr - Cloud-based BI, KPI Dashboards, Balanced Scorecards - From Insight to Action

ExecAnalyzr™ — A True Enterprise-Class Analytics Solution

Key Benefits

The universal nature of the ExecAnalyzr solution makes benefits applicable to any organization irrespective of its mission. It can give insight into the execution of activities and empower users and managers with relevant information to make the best decisions to improve and/or optimize any situation.

  • Simplicity—With a few mouse clicks, data embedded inside ALL organizational systems and assets can be automatically captured, standardized and integrated
  • Higher & Faster ROI—World-class full-fledged enterprise analytics applications are up and running in hours instead of months at a small fraction of the cost
  • Lower TCO—Initial and recurring interoperability, integration, maintenance, change and development costs are eliminated
  • Lower Risk—Implementation is incremental; results are immediately seen and verified. Project risks are reduced by eliminating work complexity
  • Agility—Adaptation to changing business requirements/priorities are quickly achieved without any programming effort. Additionally, decisions are based not only on historical data but also on timely, near real-time information
  • Open Free-Service Analytics—Users are autonomous and free to simultaneously use any visualization tool that best fits their needs, skills and budgets thus ensuring complete adoption. Information can also be efficiently and economically available to office and mobile users through a secured cloud

Information Visualization

As far as visualization is concerned, users can use their preferred front-end tool as best fits their needs, skills and budgets. This includes Microsoft Power BI and Excel, SAP BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, Oracle OBIEE BI Publisher, Tableau, IBM Cognos, R statistical environments and even ad-hoc SQL. The underlying database platform technology is either Oracle-based or Microsoft-based depending on the client's preference and/or architectural standards.

Full Seamless Support of Structured, Unstructured and Big Data Sources

ExecAnalyzr can standardize, integrate, aggregate and correlate information from all types of structured, unstructured and big data enterprise sources.

This includes databases, commercial and in-house built ERP, CRM, SCM, ITIL, etc. applications, data warehouses and datamarts, text files, XML and PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, social-media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, web services, cloud-based applications such as and Google Analytics, big data systems such as Google BigQuery and Hadoop-based environments, networked objects such as devices, apparatus and sensors, and many more.

ExecAnalyzr Data Ecosystem

ExecAnalyzr Can Cover Your Entire Data Ecosystem


ExecAnalyzr is licensed on a yearly basis. Monthly fees essentially depend on the complexity of your data ecosystem and/or the quantity of information collected. The typical pricing model consists of a base fee, plus a fee per data source connector type. Software updates are included and training is usually free.



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