Measure and Optimize Efficiency and Effectiveness of Your Organization

  • Full solution implemented in just hours
  • Support for Balanced Scorecards or any other organizational performance management framework
  • Ability to monitor compliance with organizational standards and policies
  • Support for preventive and corrective action automation
  • Every personalized management dashboard ready in minutes
  • Support for all major BI visualization tools, including Excel
  • Historization, real-time and predictive analytics support
  • No BI development projects
  • No additional software to buy

Still Rely on Manual Spreadsheets?

Automating the process of delivering information to your decision-makers with KPIGuard has critical advantages. They broadly fall into three categories:

  • Efficiency, where savings in time and labor costs increase with the frequency of measurement and KPI collection
  • Governance, where data used to back decisions is secure, auditable and 100% reliable—only one version of the truth
  • Capabilities, where visualization and analysis are on-demand, can be self-served and can cover all time horizons—past, real-time and future predictions, as well as all execution levels—strategic, tactical and operational

Selected Product Features

  • Use the plan creation wizard to quickly and easily define strategic, tactical and operational plans
  • Classify plans according to company information security policies
  • Manage and align relevant objectives to ensure satisfactory execution
  • Define and integrate key performance indicators (KPI) across multiple business areas
  • Define metrics across various business domains and disparate IT systems
  • Seamlessly integrate and standardize data scattered in heterogeneous systems
  • Monitor performance at all levels and at various time granularity
  • Assess business impact and optionally take automated actions to prevent or correct inadequate performance
  • Create executive dashboards and scorecards to view and manage at a holistic level
  • Link to strategy maps to further analyze and correlate performance results
  • Create business alerts to be immediately notified when performance commitments are not met
  • Enable authorized users to produce reports for effective decision-making
  • Leverage any existing investments in OLAP tools and employee skills to further customize when/if necessary
  • Leverage any existing instrumentation and enterprise management software to provide end-to-end executive view and automation
  • Integrate and scale performance management to the whole enterprise

KPIGuard™: Enterprise Metrics and KPI Management Software

KPIGuard™ is a fully integrated end-to-end business measurement, analysis and optimization system.

KPIGuard provides for easily defining, locating, integrating and managing metrics and key performance indicators (KPI's) embedded inside all organizational systems and assets, creating strategic, tactical and operational plans, setting objectives, monitoring and visualizing execution performance, setting business alerts and optionally defining automated actions to prevent or correct inadequate performance.

Once sources defined, it only takes a few clicks for KPIGuard to help identify, collect, integrate and standardize measures and indicators scattered across all structured and unstructured enterprise data sources, then generate the business information executives need to make informed decisions. KPIGuard quickly and easily enables key decision support features including scorecards and graphical management dashboards for performance visualization.

KPIGuard in Corporate, Finance, HR, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Services, IT

KPIGuard can cover one, many or all business functions

KPIGuard™ Key Benefits and Business Value

Traditionally, large and complex BI projects, along with multiple specialized software, are required to achieve some of the capabilities that KPIGuard provides out-of-the-box.

When compared to traditional BI solutions, KPIGuard offers:

  • Higher ROI & Faster Time-To-Value (TTV)—Get your BI performance dashboard applications up and running in hours, or even minutes, instead of months!
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)—Eliminate initial and recurring integration, maintenance, change and development project costs
  • Higher Quality and Lower Implementation Risk—Implement incrementally and quickly see concrete end results. Reduce project risks by avoiding increased work complexity
  • Agility—Quickly adapt management dashboards and scorecards to changing business requirements and priorities without spending any time or money on programming efforts. Moreover, base decisions and projections not only on historical, but also on live, near real-time factual information
  • Openness, Free-Service BI—Enable end-users to use any visualization tool that best fits their needs and skills, including Microsoft Power BI and Excel, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle OBIEE, Tableau, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, R and even ad-hoc SQL. Ensure complete BI adoption and full accessibility to analytical capabilities across the organization
  • Standardization—Replace scattered manual spreadsheets, inconsistent error-prone data manipulation processes, isolated point solutions and complex tools with an easy-to-use world-class application to manage more efficiently and gain competitive advantage

Using BrightQuadrant's KPIGuard, your organization obtains a customized enterprise-level end-to-end management dashboards solution with optional adaptive automation in just a few hours and at less than one third the total cost of any traditional business intelligence (BI) solution.

KPIGuard™ Versus Existing BI Tools

KPIGuard's open architecture allows clients to use any On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) products they might already have—such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel, SAP BusinessObjects, Oracle's OBIEE BI Publisher, MicroStrategy, Tableau, IBM Cognos, R and others—as front-end visualization tools.

Besides any particular visualization tool you would like to use, KPIGuard is the only software you need.

KPIGuard™ Platforms and Data Sources

The KPIGuard server is supported under Windows, Linux and UNIX, on full 64-bit architectures. KPIGuard is multilingual, web-based and uses a central administration and zero client deployment model. The KPIGuard interface is supported through all major browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

KPIGuard integrates your entire information ecosystem. Structured, unstructured and big data sources are seamlessly supported—including:

  • Databases (ex: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2)
  • Data Warehouses and Datamarts
  • Applications (ex: ERP, CRM, ITIL, Project)
  • SAP (SAP BW/BI not required)
  • Cloud Applications (ex:, Google Analytics)
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Files (text analytics)
  • Documents (ex: PDF, XML, HTML)
  • Social Media (ex: Twitter, Facebook)
  • Web Services (SOAP and RESTful)
  • Big Data Systems (ex: Hadoop, Google BigQuery)
  • IT & Communications Infrastructure

For pure IoT (Internet of Things) support, please check our Metriot™ product.


KPIGuard is licensed on a yearly basis with monthly fees dependent on the complexity of your information ecosystem and/or the quantity of metrics or measures made. The typical pricing model consists of a base fee, plus a fee per data source connector type. Software updates are included and training is usually free.



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