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Enterprise Performance Management

Business PerformanceMeasure, analyze and optimize performance of your department, business unit or entire enterprise. Maximize efficiency AND effectiveness.

Executive Dashboards & Scorecards

Executive Dashboard, Management ScorecardObtain actionable, auditable and transparent insight into all strategic, tactical and operational business activities using executive dashboards and scorecards.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Applied Artificial IntelligenceUse advanced detection, recognition, prediction and adaptive automation to simplify work, increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

IoT: Analytics & Smart Automation

Enterprise IoT Analytics and AutomationCapture device and sensor data, visualize and analyze relevant info, and devise appropriate responses and actions to ensure success of your mission.

IoT: Intelligent Transportation

IoT: Intelligent TransportationInstantly transform various vehicles into an intelligent fleet system. Optimize efficiency, predict and proactively prevent the various types of incidents.

IoT: Indoor Tracking & Monitoring

IoT: Indoors Tracking and MonitoringTrack and monitor staff and mobile equipment indoors. Optimize deployment of resources, manage risks, detect and prevent incidents.

Strategy & Compliance Management

Strategy and Compliance ManagementAlign all business activities with your strategy and ensure full compliance of process execution with enterprise strategies, policies and standards.

Service Level Monitoring

Service AgreementMonitor performance of ALL services your business receives. Actively manage delivery of internal and external, contractual and non-contractual providers.

BrightQuadrant conceives, designs, develops, markets, implements and supports innovative world-class business analytics and intelligent automation solutions for enterprises in all industries, including the Financial, Utilities, Telecom, Technology, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation, Entertainment, Educational, Public, and Services industries.

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