Save Time and Money!

  • No development projects
  • Full solution in hours, not months
  • Every personalized dashboard available in minutes
  • Support for ALL major visualization tools, including Excel
  • Support for ALL data source types: Structured, Unstructured and Big Data
  • Governance, security and auditability
  • Historical, real-time and predictive analytics
  • Integrated mathematical and statistical capabilities

Have Business Intelligence Projects?

Find out How To Dramatically Accelerate Your Business Intelligence Solution Project Delivery in a short, under 4 minutes, video.

Optional Services

KPI Management and Integration

We can assist you in defining and integrating the critical success factors, performance measures and KPI's based on standards and best practices of your industry

Executive Dashboards and Scorecards - Revolutionary BI

Executive BI dashboard projects:
We can accelerate and triple your ROI with less than one third the costs (TCO) of any traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solution

Any OLAP Reporting Tool

We can help you visualize integrated information—from all structured, unstructured and big data sources, in your favorite OLAP tool, including:

  • Microsoft® Power BI®, Excel®
  • SAP® BusinessObjects®, Crystal Reports®
  • Oracle® BI Publisher®
  • Tableau®
  • MicroStrategy®
  • IBM® Cognos®
  • R Statistical Environment

Executive Dashboards and Scorecards

Organizations can easily end up spending millions on large and complex Business Intelligence (BI) projects to collect, standardize and integrate scattered heterogeneous data, gain insight into disparate information and produce interactive enterprise performance dashboards, scorecards and reports.

Executive Dashboard Software System

  • Is your organization's process of creating and maintaining executive dashboards and scorecards integrated and automated?
  • Can any new business requirement or priority change be easily integrated into dashboards and scorecards without new BI development projects?
  • Are the costs, quality and agility of the business analytics process acceptable?
  • Are the traceability and auditability of delivered information guaranteed?
  • Can variations in raw data be reflected in dashboards in near real-time?
  • Is your organization's entire data ecosystem totally and seamlessly covered?

Despite significant IT investments, answers to most if not all of the above questions remain unfortunately often negative.

Our solution comprises a fully integrated and automated system that can plug into ALL your structured and unstructured data sources on one end, and produce the multidimensional analytical structures you need on the other end, without a single line of programming. No data warehouse or data mart to build and no ETL required. And you can simultaneously use Excel and/or any other OLAP visualization tool you might already have without any problem.

Executive Dashboard Process

Eliminate Up To 90% of BI Project Efforts Using Our
Integrated and Automated Business Analytics Process
Covering Structured, Unstructured and Big Data Sources

Our agile, integrated and open solution delivers orders of magnitude higher and faster ROI at less than one third the total cost of ownership (TCO) of any traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solution!

You save the time and costs of data warehouse modeling, design and development, ETL licenses and ETL programming, multidimensional and cube modeling, design and development. You also save the costs of maintaining interoperability between different solution components over time, as well as the recurring costs of inevitable future changes that will no longer require BI specialists. Furthermore, you expose your company to less risk that can result from increased BI project complexity and possible lack of adequate staff expertise.

BrightQuadrant can easily automate a new or existing BI development process, helping you repeatedly, quickly and efficiently obtain executive dashboards and scorecards for your organization, covering all time horizons and in just hours instead of months!

Don't spend any time and money unnecessarily. Take a look at our products and contact us now for a 45-minutes web demo. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!


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